Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spirit Camera: Is that a ghost in your pocket?

     Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir just (appropriately) came out on Friday, the 13th on the 3DS. The "spiritual" successor to the Fatal Frame franchise, Spirit Camera reiterates on the original game's photography mechanic. The game takes advantage of the handheld's impressive 3D camera to create an augmented-reality horror experience.
      Tecmo Koei's newest release looks to attempt to bring the horror off your TV and into the world around you. The game utilizes the 3DS's camera to project enemies and other ghostly threats directly in your environment in an attempt to fully immerse the player in your own personal nightmare world! Wonderful!

Does anyone know how to remove urine from electronics?
     In all seriousness, the 3DS seems to be designed for a game like this. Early in the DS's life cycle, a lot of games were just ports with a gimmicky touch screen support, but in the later years developers began to take full advantage of the system's strength to create some awesome experiences. Tecmo Koei seems to be ahead of the curve here, in that they designed a game around the hardware instead of trying to shoehorn in a lazy port. This game definitely intrigues me, and I hope that more developers take this route in designing games for handhelds.

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