Friday, February 17, 2012


Hello everyone and welcome to my first blog post! I look forward to doing the best I can to update you about all things gaming. This has been a dream of mine to carve out a little piece of the internet and call it my own. This will truly be a labor of love and I hope you all enjoy it…

Getting Twisted...
So many great things happened this week in gaming. A franchise that is now 17 years old made a comeback. Twisted Metal has been a part of the gaming landscape and one of those games that is as much a part of my childhood as Mario, Link, and Kirby. David Jaffe, the iconic creator of the car combat franchise has been actively promoting Twisted Metal (which came out on Valentine’s day) and has been touting it as a game that he feels will bring back the feel of “old School” multiplayer. Even though the online experience does seem to bring gamers closer together I have to say that I still miss the Iconic characters being paired up with their specific rides versus this “gang” mentality that the new Twisted has put into place. Overall it is a great game, just not one that I find myself playing for more than 20 minutes at a time.

Mass 3ffect
Bioware and EA have released the long anticipated demo for Mass Effect 3! Am I a fanboy when it comes to this game? Absolutely.  From what I have been able to see through my 2 playthroughs the combat has become more streamlined and I can say from experience that the game actually is BETTER with Kinect. Shouting out to other characters in your squad and telling them what to do makes the experience even more immersive. 

Bargain Bin Pickup!
At my old gig at I use to head up an article that would pick out a great title that you could grab for under 20 bucks. My pick this week is Crysis 2. A great first person shooter with eye popping visuals that you will surly enjoy. Here is a link…Crysis 2


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

-Welcome to the beginning

As some of you know for the past 21 years of my life I have been a HUGE gamer. I have worked for numerous publications like, and even I loved every one of those opportunities and want to continue not only expressing my opinion about video games, but make a few new friends (or foes) along the way. I will be posing my first thoughts tonight about the brand new Twisted Metal game and the Mass Effect 3 demo. I look forward to all of your thoughts and any heated conversations we get into.


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