Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Boobies are Better than Bullets

     There have been three major controversies in gaming since its inception. Everyone should be familiar with them as they are normally spurred by a controversial game that leads non-gamers to believe something that traditional gamers must either attack or defend. Are video games art? Are video games too violent? And, is there too much "sex" in video games? These questions are circular dichotomies because they are based on opinions, so never ending in nature as it were. But I offer this, are boobs really that bad?
Don't hate us because we're beautiful...

There's 2 in Every Argument
     Sex in video games has had its fun much like co-eds during spring break. Games like DOA Xtreme Beach Volleyball, Leisure Suit Larry, The Guy Game, and BMX XXX show up every once in awhile and flash us some nips and wiggle their booties until we giggle like 12-year-olds in our uncles' skin bin. Some times these games pass us by as innocently as our memories of college while other times they result in controversies that make you wonder what the hell people are thinking, as in the famous Fox News fiasco with Mass Effect.

     I find it amazing that with all the games that display gratuitous amounts of deplorable violence on a regular basis that skate through the cable news channels, one nipple bared during the Superbowl and congress gets involved. Is the female form really so dangerous to our nation's youth that we should abstain from the mere digital image of it? Is a pair of bountiful bouncing breasts more damaging to a male's mental function than the whole of drugs, crime, and violent decapitations?

Fox News didn't cover this 
Pressed Against the Glass
     Video games, as with all art forms, are a reflection of reality. The making and breaking of worldly events inspire their creators in ways that help develop the medium that we cherish so dearly. Modern Warfare didn't create war as much as Grand Theft Auto created proliferating with prostitutes. Blaming games as a mischief training ground is like yelling into a mirror and blaming the image with a total disconnect of the refection within.
     I can understand some of the arguments about objectifying women as sex objects and find my self laughing at the lingerie that passes for heavy plate armor in some games. But allow me to be offended that anyone who would assume any male (let alone myself) would be shallow enough to treat all women like sex objects to be used and discarded simply because of a few hours spent with a video game. We cannot help the chemical reactions in our brains that turn us into babbling idiots when we see an attractive image of a woman. Furthermore, most men have mothers, sisters, daughters, ect. and we are fully capable of understanding that they are respectable females and are in no way sexual objects. Just because I find something beautiful, doesn't mean I want to treat it poorly and definitely have sex with it. That would make trips to the arboretum very uncomfortable and itchy.

In the Russian Version she actually gets naked.
The Call of Boobie
     So as the bridge across the uncanny valley nears completion, the realism of our digital entertainment will reach the point where the dreams of designers and visionaries will soon shine into our retinas. Those moral crusaders who hold tightly to their beliefs will surely cry out loud against everything from violence to drugs, and crime to nipples.
     The only thing we can do as gamers is to hold our ground with intelligent arguments to the contrary and put our money where we believe it to go. I personally not only buy new games to support developers, but ones that stand with my principles as well. When NFL 2K 5 released at $20 I was all over it. Not only because it still stands as one of the best football games ever made, but I wanted to encourage yearly releases to be 20 bucks. I did not purchase Manhunt new because I don't believe violence to be a selling point. And you can bet dollars to doughnuts I will always buy a game that has cheeky sexual themed fun just because this world needs more of it desperately. I will end my argument with a simple question: If you were walking down a beach on vacation with your family, what would be more harmful to witness? A beautiful woman tanning her naked breasts or a helpless captive being decapitated? Think about it...

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