Sunday, April 8, 2012

Bargain Bin Reviews (April 8-14)

It's that time again were the writers and contributors here at +10 Damage take their times to scour through hundreds of video games to find you the best bang for your buck. As a reminder these are all deals that you can find through which we nicly put into that box to the right. Click it, buy some games and help out your favorite video game blog!

Juan’s Picks

Marvel V. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds

Your favorite super heroes return to take on your favorite fighters in this glorious return of one of the best fighting franchises ever. Keep that calloused thumb strong from last weeks SF4 and pick this one up.

The Orange Box

If you don’t already have this game you should walk up to a mirror, give yourself a dirty look, then smack yourself with some fresh poultry. Three stellar games, including award winners like half life 2, team fortress, and the original portal make this a must buy.

Chrono Trigger

Anyone who grew up with jrpgs and a super nintendo, you already have this game. Everyone else planning a long plane ride or torturous vacation with the family should enjoy one of the greatest rpgs ever remade.

Steven’s Picks

Alan Wake

Alan Wake came out in the shadow of Red Dead Redemption, and suffered for it. The game is a fantastic blend of storytelling and unique game play that really stands out. Play it with the lights off, and immerse yourself in the story.

Assassin’s Creed II

Ubisoft got this experience right after a flawed first adventure. Ezio climbs, slashes, and yes, runs and guns on his murderous rampage through the city. Now is the perfect time to play as we await ACIII.


How this game went so unnoticed is beyond me. Traveling with Monkey and Trip in Enslaved was a true adventure that finished to soon in my opinion.

Kory’s Picks

You Don't Know Jack!

Classic PC gamers will recognize this title immediately, as its been on hiatus for 11 years, finally released for the current systems! With almost the entire witty-as-hell writing team intact, this trivia game gives you the most off the wall trivia imaginable and has you "screwing" your opponents in order to win the most cash! I've been playing this one for months, and with DLC support with question packs, and over 70 in game "episodes", this game has a solid amount of replay value for the price.


This pick is essentially a re-skinned kart racer, as you'll be driving around life-like cars in life-like streets, but you'll be using power-ups to decimate your opponents and take the lead. Speeding around numerous tracks with many different levels of car speeds to use, I was transformed into the little kid playing Mario Kart 64 in my basement again. Definitely worth the nostalgia boner, especially for the cheap.

Dead Rising 2

Do you like to kill zombies? Are you creative? Can you spend hours just dreaming of different weapons to eviscerate the undead menace that will eventually rise to take us out? Well you can get plenty of ideas from trying out Dead Rising 2. It’s a bit of a challenge with their boss battles, but the game as a whole has a ton of replayability and places to discover.

Matt’s Picks

Mass Effect 1 &2

Two of my choices this week center around video games biggest controversy. The Mass Effect series is one that everyone should experience. Take your version of Commander Shepard through your own personal journey, leading to a climax that is much in debate. Grab each of them for under twenty bucks a piece.

L.A. Noire

I have to say this game had one of the quickest rises to fame followed by complete obscurity. L.A. Noire puts you in the shoes of a hardnosed cop by the name of Cole Phelps as he makes his way through the gritty desks of the L.A.P.D. Revolutionary facial animations, great story, and an impressive detective system makes this a must own for your collection.

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