Monday, April 2, 2012

Halo Statstravaganza

     As of March 31st, 2012, Bungie officially relinquished the reins of its long-running Halo series to the newly-formed 343 Industries. To celebrate the ten years of amazing Halo content that the studio has developed, they released a mind-boggling infographic on their website. You can view it here in its full, beautiful glory.


  You may have noticed a curious number at the bottom of the page: the combined Halo playtime. In years.
     235,182 years, people.
     To put that in perspective, 200,000 years ago modern homo sapiens hadn't even left Africa yet. Language wasn't even a part of the human experience. Fire wasn't even an invention yet.
Detractors of this beloved franchise might argue that this is all wasted time. Why couldn't we have journeyed to space or cured cancer with all the man-hours we wasted on this dumb baby game?
     To that I would respond: get bent. People have poured countless human lifetimes into something they enjoyed. This isn't a basement-lurking obsession, this is human social interaction on geological timescale. People loved and continue to love this series, and I personally do not regret any of the hundreds of hours I sunk into Bungie's magnum opus. The past ten years saw so much change in the video gaming world, but one thing stood constant: wherever there was a couch, a group of friends, and an Xbox, we would have a way to have fun.

Thank you Bungie.

<3 Tanner

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