Thursday, March 22, 2012

How to Make More Time for Gaming

If you're like me, the relentless march of time has added all sorts of weight to the pack we bear on a daily basis. Full time + work, family, chores, honey do lists, and this god awful need for sleep. All of this has a tendency to cut into our quest to save the world once again and if we don't do it, the pain of watching a layer of dust form on your console or pc weighs upon our soul like lead blanket of suck.

Luckily for our readers, I have some tips that will help you dust off your power armor and get you kicking the enemies of the universe right in the face.

It all starts with time management. If you don't make time for gaming, you'll never get to game. Try this:

Ok, honey...
1: Pick a Day. I use to have 1 day a week assigned for my game room. Friday nights I was to be left alone to spend in my domicile of doom. Wether cleaning, organizing, or just straight gaming I was "guaranteed" one night a week in my game room, because I discussed it with my significant other and we made time for it. Why is my guarantee in quotes? Because a pair of doe eyes and a tight shirt has a very special way of pulling you away from your controller.

2: Get Your Girl/Guy a Controller. This may change the games you play, but is hands down the most successful way to up gaming time. It can be difficult to get your significant other to game (Check it!), but it literally pays for itself in time and gift improvement.

3: Pick a Game. If your like me, you probably have some closet loaded with more plastic than the Pacific Ocean. It can take me up to 45 minutes just to pick a game. For the time strapped gamer this is unacceptable. Pick one and finish it. Then move on.

4. Utilize Vacation Time. Most of us get vacation time, sick time or personal time. While I know some of us can't live without our workahol, someone needs to save the world and that someone is you. Do you need to go camping? No. Is Jamaica really that nice this time of year? No. Does the roof need patching? No. We only get so much vacation time and spending it doing something we love and find relaxing is what we're supposed to do. Anyone that says you're wasting your vacation time gaming is wasting their money on a vacation that will probably be more stressful than work.

5. Sleep is Over Rated. As gamers we are very familiar with this tip. We always stay up a little later to finish this level, collect ten more bear pelts, or frag a few more friends. But have you ever considered getting up an hour early? This trick works great for Mmo players especially on pvp servers. You can get all that pesky profession nonsense out of the way while avoiding getting ganked in the process. All you need is a cup of joe and to keep an eye on the clock.

So, there are some tips for all you gaming guys and gals. If you have anymore tips feel free to post below and don't forget to become a member and like us on facebook!

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